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Bullet The following review appeared at in February/March of 1999

I was challenged to compare this program to any chord book available. OK, I am one for a challenge but this was like comparing a pen to a computer.

The pen is sure handy and you can carry it around in your pocket but its functions can be limited. The same goes for the chord book, carry it around in your guitar case.

Now Guitar Theorist is really outstanding with many great features for the theoretical guitarist as well as teachers. One area that is impressive is the fact that it can generate 178,371 chord charts out of the box and this is just within standard tuning. Now we add the fact that it is user definable for creating personal chord charts, detuning strings, adding a capo and limitless other possibilities.

Guitar Theorist has the ability to plot intervals between notes, generate scale and chord charts and all is done through a fairly simple interface which is called the control panel. On the control panel you will se a guitar neck and stave which contain the notation. One thing I found very appealing, is the fact that the neck and some other features can be mirrored to accommodate the 'lefty' and all those left-handed guitarists will find it a blessing I am sure.

From a teachers point of view. I, once upon a time, would draw up chord charts, staves, and guitar neck diagrams by hand for use with my students. Then I would need to write the notation and/or finger positions required for each individual key or scale or exercise that the student need. This took time and was done because there were no books written that contained all the modes, scales, arpeggios, possible chord positions and the like.

Now it is possible with Guitar Theorist to generate a chart on anything you require and very quickly too. A time saver!? I think so. And the chance that you might overlook a relative detail belonging to a particular key is non existent as this software will cover all the bases for you.

This program is of a professional level and quality, and I would urge everyone to take a look at Guitar Theorist and incorporate it into their learning routines.

***TEN out of TEN***


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Bullet A description of Guitar Theorist appeared in the Get Smart section of the What's New column of the July 1997 issue of Electronic Musician Magazine.

Anthion's Guitar Theorist for Windows ($49) computes guitar notes, chords, scales, and intervals using a graphic interface with a fretboard and staff. The program adjusts to placement of a capo and detuning of individual strings by as much as an octave. All data is organized into documents that can be edited, saved, and printed, and charts can be mirrored for left-handed players.

The program can compute chords over 21 roots, working from user-defined families or 92 predefined families. Chords are displayed in standard notation and as editable charts with fingering information over a selectable fret range. All playable patterns are calculated and displayed. You can choose to allow one muted string within the chord. Chord names can also be derived from groups of notes entered on the fretboard or staff. The program finds all ways to interpret the chord, but filters may be used to decrease the number of suggestions.

Scales are computed over 15 roots using 33 predefined families or user-defined families. Notes clicked on the fretboard are mirrored on the staff, and vice versa. As you select notes, Guitar Theorist calculates and displays intervals. The program can play chords, scales, and intervals using a sound card's onboard synth or via MIDI. An 80386 PC with 4MB RAM and Windows 3.1 or 95 is required.

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