Guitar TheoristTM for Windows, frequently asked questions

Why can't I get the sound to work on my system?

Sound may not be heard initially on some systems because the MIDI output device must first be selected. When a device is not selected, Guitar Theorist chooses the first device on the system. This may or may not be the desired target output device. Even systems with only one sound card can have multiple MIDI output devices. A sound card can have an output device for an internal synthesizer, and an output device for an external MIDI port.

To select the MIDI output device, open the Guitar Theorist MIDI Setup Dialog box. Do this by clicking the Tool Bar button with a picture of a MIDI plug. Drop down the MIDI output device list box to show the number of devices on the system, and select one. Use the 'Show Info' button to get a description of the selected device. Test the sound with the 'Test Chord' or 'Test Scale' button. Click OK to save the change.

Why are my menus and tool bar buttons grayed out?

You must have a document window open and it must be the active window to use most features. To open a document window select File | New or click the File New tool bar button.

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